About Studeo360

Freelance Graphic Designer

I am a highly enthusiastic multi-skilled experienced and creative graphic designer with vast industry experience gained through software house, voluntary and free-lance work, including blue-chip clients, and small businesses.

I have a natural passion for all things creative and have picked up many skills including design for print, design for the web, Label Design, ATM screen design, Kiosk design, Logo Design to name but a few. I keep myself up-to-date with current technologies and trends to provide the right creative solution everytime.

As a Freelance Graphic Designer I am offering following services:
  • Web Design
  • Mobile APP UI
  • Logo Design
  • Print & Brand
  • Infographics
  • Presentation Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • ATM Screen Design
  • Icon Design

Producing creative small business websites, creating print ads, making stunning pieces of visual artwork. I love it all! Every project that comes across my desk, big or small, is approached with the same enthusiam and dedication. I am determined to ensure that each of my clients is completely delighted with the service they receive from me. Being a freelance designer, I can offer you the attention that you might not receive with a larger firm.

My Design Process


Meeting & Proposal

Listen the requirement of client and prepare proposal Scope, according to the client’s needs


Sketch an Outline

sketch the outline of the project on the basis of the information gathered from the clients.


Design Concepts

Brainstorming ideas. Chalk out creative solutions and send design for the first review.


Review with Client

Send design to client to get its approval and change in the design according to the feedback.


Final Presentation

The final design is completed according to the instructions from client.


Sign Off on Project

Send all the files according to the agreement to client andets payment.